About Sawadee Ka

In the country of smile, Thailand, the Thays say Sawadee when the welcome you, but also at farewell. The way the welcome is often with a smile and a greeting “Sawadee”,  or by putting the palms together as with prayers. This is called a “wai”.

Normally the younger greets the older with a “wai”, and after the older respond by doing the same.

The new owner of “Sawadee Ka Thai Massage”  has a very personal relation to Thailand where many of her relatives lives. The name “Sawadee” is chosen because of the warm welcome you experiance in the country of smile, no matter where you go.

Especially because of this part of Thailand we har tried to take back to Danmark, where the Thai massuese will welcome you and offer different types of massages which are well-known in Thailand.

Opdateret d. 18.3.2013